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  • Weekly highlights, of the November 11 to 15 - 11/11/2019

    In spite of the weakness in the session European of the Friday, the share incomes world closed your fifth consecutive week with an upward trend, again boosted by the sectors fewer favored for the investors in recent months.

  • Weekly highlights, of the November 4 to 8 - 05/11/2019

    Were several the elements that allowed that the great investing optimism spread in an additional way during last week, of more evident way in the stock markets U.S. and in certain areas emerging.

  • Report GIPS BBVA Asset Management - 10/22/2019

    Our commitment to transparency, BBVA Asset Management GIPS report

  • Weekly highlights, of the October 21 to 25 - 10/21/2019

    Last week was conditional upon the political and commercial events. Starting for the first, the agreement between Johnson and the European Union, that seems explain some aspects controversial on the status from Northern Ireland in the stage post-Brexit, was bosomed with euphoria for the investors, although later relaxed the optimism, given the arduous path that still is necessary go in order arrive to the ultimate aim.

  • Weekly highlights, of the October 14 to 18 - 10/14/2019

    The expectation of advances in the commercial tensions and in the Brexit poses for the first time in a long time the possibility of that, in a matter of days, has solutions actual on the table that allow release an important one burdens of uncertainty.

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