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Vision Markets April 2019

29.03.2019 | 3:56 minutes

Learn about the BBVA Asset Management's market vision for 2019 with Joaquín García Huerga, the BBVA Asset Management & Global Wealth's Global Strategy Director.


At BBVA we strive for clarity and transparency in the information we offer you. All our managers you will facilitate your easy and clear understanding of the product features. This video contains commercial information and is independent of the documentation we are legally required to give you before you invest in the fund. Therefore, it does not substitute or modify the fund's KII/Prospectus. Provision of this information does not imply that we are providing an investment consultancy service as we have not considered your personal circumstances. Before subscribe the fund, reads carefully your DFI/brochure, that is available in, as well as in In the event of any discrepancy between the information contained in this video and the legal information of the fund, the latter shall prevail. Can that later than elaboration of the current video has modified, through the publication of a Significant Event, some non-essential item of the DFI/Brochure of the fund, be thus be available for your enquiry in We remind you that the net asset value of the investment fund can fluctuate against the interest of the investor and result in loss of the initial investment. Managing company: BBVA ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A., SGIIC.