Tools to assist investors


  • Save for your retirement
  • Invest in funds


Income and expenses simulator

Public pension calculator

Find out when you will retire and the state pension you will receive when that time comes.

Defined Contribution Simulator

Plan contribution calculator

This simulator will help you to plan your contributions so that you can enjoy the standard of living you want at retirement.

Pension plan payout calculator

Pension plan payout calculator

This calculator will help you plan how you take your pension plan/EPSV benefits when you retire, while keeping your needs in mind.


Pension plan finder

Find the pension plan that best fits
your investor profile using our plan finder.
We have a pension plan made to measure for you!

Pension Plan Comparison

Compare up to four investment funds
and a benchmark index.

Fund Finder

Fund Finder

Find the Investment funds best suited to your investor profile with our advanced search engine. We have an investment fund made to measure for you!

Fund comparison tool

Fund comparison tool

Compare up to four investment funds and a benchmark index.

Fund Portfolio

Investment calculator

Calculates the return of an investment according to a percentage of interest and investment period.