Pension simulator for mobile devices

Pension simulator for mobile devices
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 Mi jubilación and the BBVA Pensions Institute  provides you with a simple and intuitive simulator that you can use to estimate the income you will receive once you retire, and it also helps you choose how to receive it. 

With  “Calculate my retirement income”  you will learn the probability of reaching the income you want at retirement with the contributions you are currently making.

With  “Choose the form of collection”  you will learn which of the available options allows you to obtain the highest level of income.

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In addition to providing these results, the calculators also let you send an email with the  details from the simulation  (retirement age, estimated pension from Social Security, estimated pension plan balance, etc.). In this email you will also find a direct link to the full version of the simulators, available at this website, where the information you previously entered in the mobile app will have already been loaded in, in order to facilitate your usage and prevent the need to re-enter this information.

Additionally, you will be able to share the use of the application through the social networks (Facebook, Twitter or email) so that your friends can carry out their own simulations. Last of all if have any doubt can call directly to  Line BBVA  Pensions (902 173 902 / 91 224 96 55), the Telephone Customer Service of Pensions BBVA where you solve any doubt on the operation.