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Plan name / DGS
 DSG:  unique code to identify each plan established by Directorate General for Insurance (DGS).
INVERCO category to the which the pension plan belongs.
INVERCO category to the which the pension plan belongs.
Type of Plan.
Accumulated return current year.
1 year
Return in the last twelve months.
3 years
Annualized return 3 years.
5 years
Annualized return 5 years.
Net asset value: daily value resulting from dividing the aggregate value of the assets of the fund between the total number of shares.
Risk level of 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest).
FundPension fund
Name of the pension fund that includes the plan.
DGS FundFund DGS Code
Code of the pension fund established by the Directorate General for Insurance (DGS).
IMIMinimum investment
Minimum initial amount required to invest in the plan.
Last MonthCurrent month return
Month in progress return.
A measure that indicates whether the net asset values of the fund have experienced significant variations or whether, on the other hand, they have progressed in a stable way. The higher it is, the greater the risk borne. And vice versa: the closer it is to zero, the more stable the fund.
Sharpe RatioSharpe Ratio
An indicator that shows to what extent the return of the fund outweighs the risk (variability of the net asset value) borne in it. A Sharpe ratio of 1 or greater than one indicates that the fund contributes a return equal to or greater than the risk of the product. And vice versa: if it is lower than 1, the fund would have a higher degree of variability than the return obtained.
AdvisingManagement fee
Management fee.
DepositDeposit fee
Deposit fee.
AdministrationAdministration costs (EPSV)
Administration costs, only EPSV.
AreaGeographic Area of Investment
Geographical investment area.
Assets under managementAssets under management
Assets of the pension plan. It is the sum of the assets invested by each of the participants.
The currency in which the plan is denominated.
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