Investing Services & Global Valuation

Global Valuation & Performance

The unit of Investing Services & Global Valuation has three key roles:  

  1. Homogenizing the procedures for valuating the portfolios of collective investment undertakings, pension funds and portfolios managed or advised by the different companies that make up BBVA Asset Management, abiding in any case by the regulatory requirements that may apply. 
  2. Be the reference basis for prices, analytics and market data for the different companies, units and systems, both for valuation of portfolios and the determination, if applicable, of the net asset value of collective investment institutions or pension funds and for feeding the tools needed for managing investments and risks.
  3. Establish the basic source of returns and performance statistics for collective investment institutions, according to maximum standards and respecting any applicable regulatory requirements at all times.

All without prejudice to valuation functions and, where applicable, calculation of the net asset value that the assessment department of the pertinent BBVA Asset Management company will implement in accordance with the requirements set out in regulations. 

For the development of these functions, the unit of Investing Services & Global Valuation divides in the next areas specialized:

1. Global Valuation & New Developments

The main goal of this area is to ensure the correctness of the prices of the instruments at collective investment institutions, pension funds or portfolios managed by the companies making up BBVA Asset Management via strict supervision. It is also responsible for collecting, calculating and distributing analytics data (term, IRR…) on fixed-income instruments and OTC deltas and gammas.

If the valuation functions of portfolios managed by BBVA Asset Management companies are executed by companies outside the BBVA GROUP, this unit will be in charge of agreeing on valuation methodologies and reviewing price incidents on a daily basis.

2. Global Procedures and Alternatives (GP&A)

The Global Procedures and Alternatives Department is responsible for homogenizing assessment and performance criteria and policies at a global level. One of our main functions is to guarantee that the process for admitting new assets and brokers strictly complies with corporate criteria, thus protecting our customers' interests. 

This area is also responsible for establishing the assessment criteria for complex alternative assets, such as private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate, second-tier companies and other assets that require complex assessment techniques or models, which must be taken into consideration, always in the framework of regulations applicable to every product and in every jurisdiction by the pertinent assessment departments.