Conferences and Classrooms

Forecast Institutional conference BBVA 2019

Last October 2 celebrated in BBVA City the Forecast Institutional Conference BBVA. In the event have the assistance in person of more than 450 guests, and of around one thousand people that followed the conference for streaming. More info

BBVA 2019 Pension Training Seminar

After a break of several years, we held another Basic Training Seminar in June. This training is highly valued by our customers, as demonstrated by the numerous questions that were raised and which enriched the presentations. See more.

2019 Jerez Pensions Seminar

This year, the seminar will once again be held at the special location of "Las Bodegas Fundador" in Jerez. More info

Investment conference in Barcelona

The latest investment conference took place in Barcelona on March 21. Joaquin Garcia-Huerga and Alberto Gómez-Reino presented the outlooks we have on the markets for 2019 and discussed how we have prepared our portfolios to deal with this environment.

Conference of Investments 2019

Last January call the Annual conference of Forecast Investments BBVA. The event was a real success with more 150 assistants and having representation of main Employment Pension Plans managed by BBVA. 

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Pensions Symposium in Seville BBVA 2018

Last November, a new BBVA Pensions symposium was held at Seville's Casa de la Provincia. The need to make informed decisions to prepare for our retirement was discussed, and we also explained the market situation, concluding with an analysis of whether we are really rational in our decision-making.

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8th Institutional Welfare Conference BBVA 2018

On September 26, we held our 8th BBVA Institutional Welfare Conference. The event was a total success with more than 400 attendees and a large online following through streaming. More info

Conference Education BBVA Pensions June 2018

In this new conference of Pensions education BBVA explain to our aspects different customers relevant for the follow-up of the Plan. From the basic legislation and taxation of the pension plans as an initiation to the financial markets.  More info 

Talk of Pensions BBVA in Jerez

Last May 9 celebrated a new talk of BBVA Pensions in a so singular place as are the Founding Wineries from Jerez. The conference dealt aspects related to the process of investment in BBVA and frequently asked questions of the pension plans.  More info 

Conference of investments 2018

Conference where the team of investments of BBVA Asset Management us explains the investing process, our vision of market for 2018 and as have built the portfolio before this environment.  See more .

Classroom of education of BBVA Pensions - December 2017

This new Classroom of Education has as objective advance more in the basic knowledge of the collective forecast.  More info 

Talk from Seville

In this talk talk on the best way of optimize returns in the current market; the password is in the diversification and in the active management of the risk. 

Conference of Forecast Institutional

Conference concentrating on the economy behavioral. Several experts in Forecast us explain  here  how react before the decision making future.

Education of Pensions May 2017

A new edition of our already traditional  Classrooms of Education . Go over what is a Plan of Employment, your Taxation and the way of manage them.

Breakfast of Pensions from Valencia

Breakfast in Valencia for analyze the expectations of market for the next few months of 2017. Additionally explained the paper of the Depository Company.

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