Forecast Institutional conference BBVA 2019

Last October 2 celebrated in BBVA City the Forecast Institutional Conference BBVA. In the event have the assistance in person of more than 450 guests, and of around one thousand people that followed the conference for streaming.

This year the conference centered on the future of the Pensions in our country, taking into account the perspectives and challenges that pose as well as the alternatives that owe consider so that the system is sustainable after the changes demographic that are experiencing.

Key talks from the conference


Luis Vadillo, Director of Pensions and Business Institutional of BBVA AM; began to the Forecast Institutional Conference BBVA 2019 giving the welcome to the assistants and introducing the agenda of the event. On the other hand, José Manuel González Páramo, Adviser Executive body, Person in charge Global of Economy and Institutional Relationships of BBVA; presented the conference this year dedicated to the alternatives and complements that owes consider the pension system.

Aging and Pensions: perspectives and challenges

The first lecture of the conference the carried out Óscar Arce, Director-general Of and Statistical Economy of the Banco de España, in which us talked of the perspectives of our pension system after the increase of the life expectancy and the decrease of the birth rate, as two of the big changes demographic, and the challenges that represent for keep the sustainability of the system.

Is exportable the Swedish model of Pensions to Spain?

In a small talk led by José Antonio Herce, President of the Forum of Experts of the BBVA Institute, analyzed the possibility of introduce the Swedish pension system in Spain. For this have Edward Palmer, father of the Swedish system of pensions and member of the Forum of Experts of the BBVA Institute, for explain us the characteristics of this system and with Rafael Doménech, Head  of Economic Analysis BBVA Research, for consider the feasibility of the possible implementation

Innovation in Pensions and Education Financial

Daniel Blanco and Alberto González, Chief Digital Officer and Digital Officer of BBVA AM; together with David Carrasco, Sales Manager and Marketing of BBVA AM, us presented last tools of BBVA's app. Moreover Alberto Estévez, Person responsible for Investment Sustainable, us explained the options of investment socially people in charge and José Luis Arbeo, Director of Marketing and Sales Digital of BBVA, us showed the program Learn Together with which BBVA bet for the education.

The housing as complement to the Retirement pension

During the conference the members of the Forum of Experts of the Institute BBVA, Elisa Chuliá, Jorge Bravo and Mercedes Ayudo, us presented your study in which consider as a possible complement of the retirement pension a tool of saving few times considered, taking out the maximum party of the same one: the housing.

Closing the Conference

For conclude with the conference, Rafael Verastegui, Director of Collective Forecast of BBVA Seguros, closed the event doing a brief overview of the same one in which stressed the points more relevant agreements in every panel.