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BBVA Asset Management

BBVA Asset Management is a notable leader in the investment fund and pension plan industry both in Europe and Latin America.

With some managed assets valued at more than €83 billion, BBVA Asset Management combines its global investment and risk management process with solid specialization and knowledge of local markets, making its companies top fund investment managers in those countries in which they operate, always applying the strictest valuation and performance standards. All of this allows us to offer solutions according to each customer segment by means of different vehicles of investment: primarily investment funds, pension plans and mandates.

Endorsed by over 44 years experience, the institution has a team of some 600 professionals, of which 125 are fund investment managers and specialists, located both in Europe and Latin America.


A team of 600 professionals with extensive experience, of which more than 125 are investment specialists living in Europe and Latin America.


  • A solid, comprehensive, homogeneous and disciplined investment process.
  • Rigorous integration of risk control into the investment process (use of risk measurement models for decision-making).


Long-term and consistent returns in all managed asset categories, calculated following the strictest international standards, or GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards).

Global Investor Process, a dual source of investment ideas

Global Investor Process, a dual source of investment ideas

Presence in Spain and LatAm, with over EUR 83,000 M in managed assets

One of the main fund managers in Spain and LatAm, with more than EUR 83,000 M of assets under management

Global Offer

Our platform in Luxembourg rounds out the local offering in different jurisdictions. More than 30 investment vehicles offer our customers a complete fund range with investment alternatives including fixed income, equity and balanced.

This range highlights the resources and skills of BBVA AM by selecting those strategies:

  • Where we have a confirmed guarantee of success.
  • Where our resources, skills and knowledge of the target investment markets represent a unique asset

BBVA AM's range of products in Luxembourg is extensive and oriented to each type of customer:

  • UCITS: suitable for all types of investors, vehicles whose eligible assets are clearly defined.
  • SICAVs part II (not harmonized and with more flexible investment policies).
  • SIFs (Specialized Investment Funds) intended for informed investors, with more flexibility in investment policies and limits, in addition to greater operational simplicity.

In short, BBVA Asset Management is presented as a global asset management leader, with experience and knowledge of European and Latin American markets, making it customers' "Latam House of Choice".

* Data as at March 2014